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Mechanical Failure, part IX

May 21, 2013


A loud slap against the window makes me jump and I wake with a start. I don’t know how I managed to fall asleep except that I was really tired after a brutally long day. I’m glad for the thin layer of glass that separates me from the blood-crusted face on the other side. Fully awake now, I look around and am dismayed to realize that my truck is almost completely surrounded. Shaken, I turn the key in the ignition only to hear click click click. I feel the blood drain from my face as I try again with the same results.

The dead outside are getting more violent now, clawing at the windows as more and more of them press against the truck. There is no way out of the vehicle. They’re surrounding me on three sides and while I don’t see any behind me, I know that I’d never be able to get out the back window without being grabbed. My truck isn’t a big one and they’d be able to reach me easily.

I hold my breath for a moment as I reach out to turn the key again. If it won’t start, I know I’ll die here and it will probably happen soon. Again, I get no response from my truck.

Some of the dead have climbed up onto the hood and are hitting the windshield with their fists. A small crack forms and the moans are growing louder. I know that others will come and eventually they’ll get in.

I lean back in my seat and close my eyes. The thought hits me that just a couple months ago my biggest worry was the starter on my truck.


The End . . . or is it?


Note: I originally wrote this as a short story, but since that time I’ve been adding on to it with the plan of eventually turning it into a novel. I’ll keep on posting it here, but since I have other writing projects going on, there will probably only be one post per week. Thank you to everybody that’s been reading!

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